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ROELMI HPC, with deep knowledge of bio-fermentation processes, has developed different approaches to interact with localized microbiomes. First, by investigating probiotics, second by exploring cutting-edge technologies for a new era of ingredients application on the microbiome. The expertise of ingredient development is at the service of innovation and customization.



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Health & Functions

With the aim to fulfill all the customer need, we have developed our Table of Life concepts, characterized by multistrain complexes always focusing on strain specificity and clinically proven solutions.


ROELMI HPC is an Italian company focused on the design, development, and manufacturing of top-quality probiotic bacteria. Offering a wide selection of proprietary strains belonging to Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria and other species developed through cutting-edge bio-fermentation technology, ROELMI HPC is the ideal partner in innovation by supporting formulators with complete and tested concepts.

R&D and Cooperations

R&D Department is always keeping an eye to the market trends, and seeking differentiation and cause-effect studies on short and medium-term projects. The so-called “blue-sky” approach is wider and is able to translate and anticipate people’s needs: it is applied to the long-term developments and is focused on innovation within the biotechnology domain.


ROELMI HPC is a proud member of various organizations and is always looking for the best collaborations able to enhance its knowledge. Sharing is the best way to improve our business and drive innovation in the market.


ROELMI HPC adopts several methods of knowledge sharing, National and International standards to certify its way of life on Health & Personal care markets. Certifications are fundamental for the way we played because, for us, it is not only a legal requirement but a demonstration of caring.


ROELMI HPC adopted the voluntary program “NO IMPACT IN PROGRESS”, strictly committed to developing an ethical and responsible business for a sustainable nutraceutical market.

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