SynBalance® Line

We started our activity on probiotics in the 2000s, when Italy was surfing the probiotic supplements market to reach the second position after USA. Thanks to some founding projects and collaborations with Universities, we could isolate new strains from different matrixes: breast milk, infant faeces and vagina.
After complete identification, characterization and in vitro screening of anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and enzymatic properties, we have launched the SynBalance® line of property strains in 2008, focusing on high quality standard and detailed efficacy dossiers.
So far, Roelmi HPC counts 16 property strains belonging to Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria and Streptococci specie.

SynbiOFF Line

SynbiOFF line is based on heat-killed bacteria which, preserving the cell shape, can inhibit pathogens adhesion and behave as a nutrient for commensal gut microbiota.
These inactivated strains, can early activate the immune cascade through the interaction with the innate immune system aiming to give a better response against infections.

ProbiShell Line

ProbiShell line of microencapsulated strains is designed to provide functional food able to promote health benefits. Thanks to microencapsulation technology probiotics strains are well preserved during the transit in the GI tract guaranteeing an efficient delivery. Microencapsulated strains were designed to improved technical drawbacks such as storage time, humidity and in general strict conditions.

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