Business Model

Roelmi HPC is very flexible in terms of business opportunities and can easily adapt to the clients’ requirements thanks to the high competence and expertise competence of the team.

Single Strains

We can provide single proprietary strains in small MOQ (1Kg) as raw materials for customers having internal know-how on probiotics handling and blending. This can guarantee fast-track availability and proper service for small batch size.

Branded & Tailor made

We can formulate both targeted and tailor made premixes with various concentration (from 50B CFU/g on) starting from MOQ of 20Kg. In the first case we focus on strain specificity and detailed scientific dossier, while we are open to match our partner requests based on customized strains combination for certain areas, for new applications or based on latest research evidences.

White Label

Thanks to the new opening of our food pole, designed for handling probiotics under the strictest quality standards, we can also test compatibility of formulations internally and fasten our customers’ feasibility studies. We help our partners to find the best pharmaceutical form, to optimize the ingredients, to improve cost-efficiency by creating unique formulation starting from our strains.


Last but not least, we use our expertise in order to develop and offer new concepts and finished products to our clients: thanks to the patents, stability data and full product dossiers, we can help reduce the time to market and provide ready-to-go solutions for all our partners in innovation.

Sustainability plays a key role in our business model

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